Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm in Denial: Do I Really Look Pregnant?

For the longest time, I always thought that when a woman get's pregnant, it wouldn't physically show until they were about 6 months along. Boy was I wrong! From  early pregnancy bloat to gaining 18 pounds, by the time I was 4 months along I was super preggo. And apparently, it was physically obvious. Hahaha!

Story Time!
Month # 4: 13-16 Weeks

[Location: Huntington Beach, CA]
One of my brO's from my bike club took this photo of me while we were on a bike ride in Orange County.
The following week, I changed my Facebook profile picture to it.
I didn't think people would really speculate over the size of my belly in the picture. I was only 13 weeks. LOL.
HA! I was wrong! I ended up receiving a few text messages asking if I was pregnant.
But what if I was just gaining weight??? :P
It's funny. At work, people were afraid to ask me. Instead, rumors all over the office surfaced.
I just went on wearing my tight body-hugging clothes anyway! Shoot!
Then everyone eventually knew and I received lots of blessings and congratulatory messages.
It was actually really nice. :D - Thank you everyone who reached out to send me their love.  I love you guys!
This one was my favorite (courtesy of Christopher Giovanni Esperanza Aumentado):
[Location: Chula Vista, CA]
My first maternity clothing purchase from Target.
This was $24.95! Robbed! But I went back later and bought another pair. LOL.
I wear them every week. Yes, I wash them every weekend. Hahaha!
Maternity clothes ain't cheap! Although, I did get some cheap stuff from!
My first pregnancy gift I received was from my cousins Mr. & Mrs. JD & Rowena. 
I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. 
I literally cried of joy and happiness and now I can't sleep without it! So comfortable! 
It wins best invention ever and I think every pregnant woman should have one.
I plan to use it forever, even after pregnancy. LOL. Poor hubby, he has to deal with the wedge between us.
Rowena did tell me it was for when Jeremy works his night shifts at the hospital and I'm sleeping alone.
Nope. I use it every night, even when he is home. Hahaha.
Thank you Weng, Jay and Z!!!! Love you guys! It was so thoughtful :D!
The NT scan. It's sort of a scary thought as to what you are getting tested for, but the pics they give are so cool!
Baby Cruz is facing me! Yikes! Alien face! But a cute one! LOL.

Do you see Baby Cruz waving? He or She is saying hi to mama!
Hehehe. I'm so corny huh? I know, I love it! 
There is a plethora of information on the world wide web, but there's something about owning a handheld book.
So I bought the #1 Bestselling pregnancy one! Duh! Good stuff man! Highly recommend!
Sometimes you just want to take in all the knowledge ever. I feel so clueless sometimes!
[Location: San Jose, CA]
Yes! I was super excited to go to my hometown and see my friends and family!
When I landed, my sister from another mister, Ria, had a dozen Roti Buns for me in the car.
I was able to enjoy them as soon as I landed into San Jose; the ONLY place that has these rare gems!
Isn't she the sweetest ever? And I only asked, or maybe demanded (LOL) for 4 too. :D
Yum! Love you Ria! Forever and ever!
The next morning we went to my God daughter Irie's soccer game.
I was so proud of her; she's gotten so amazing at her game! Proud Ninang!
It was so fun to cheer her on with a huge audience of all of us homies (her aunties & uncles!)
It made me think of wanting Baby Cruz on a future soccer kid's league! So fun!
Later that evening we celebrated our BFF's Joyce's birthday at Sonoma Chicken Coop!
Joyce and her 2 preggo friends! Hahaha! 
Yes! I'm pregnant with another BFF, Anh, at the same time!!! Yaye! We're only 8 weeks apart! 
Our belly-to-belly pic! Haha! <3 Future BFFs in our bellies! :D
[Location: Chula Vista, CA]
I'm back home and missing my friends like crazy. 
So I mass text them everything I eat. 
As you can see, I craved Jamba Juice; a lot! 
Strawberries Wild! Yum!

I had ONE cappuccino boba; I'm sure it hardly had any caffeine though! LOL. 
Meatless Fridays - been having lots of Filet-o-Fish sandwiches!
With NongShim Black instant noodles, it's a seriously delicious combo! 
I miss my friends, so I make them facetime me on the OkHello app. Yaye! 
This was a really fun 2 hour session.
On a Saturday night. Hahahaha! #turntuponsaturday
I like to text my friends pics of my growing belly too. Haha.
Linea Negra is starting to show! Bye bye belly ring!
Our first Baby Shower gift from the parentals. They couldn't wait to gift it to us.
My mother-in-law spoils me like crazy. I love her!
Isn't it a beauty? I'm a Tory Burch whore but Jeremy still wants a masculine diaper bag. Hahaha.
I don't know if it's my preggo hormones, but my husband has been looking real fine lately!!!
Right? Haha. Well I think so. I love my baby daddy!
This is a baby picture of Jeremy.
When I look at it, it makes me excited to have his baby! Hahaha! So adorbs!
I received this text message from my cousin Mylene and I was ecstatic!
I am so honored to be chosen as Oli's Godmother! <3
His hashtag on IG is #babyolivergabriel and I've been stalking it like crazy.
I swear my baby fever  has gone up since I got preggo!
Baby pictures make my heart melt. If your baby has a hashtag, I am probably stalking it! Hahaha!
Ria helped me snag this deal on in their clearance maternity section.
$12.99for size LARGE dark denim daisy dukes! Yes! Thank you! What a steal! Hahaha!
Month 4 belly. I'm sure 75% of it's bloat. Haha! Seriously though. :)

Month 4 was way better than months 1-3 combined! Nausea is only spotty, and constipation eased up a bit!
On to Month 5! TO BE CONTINUED.....

Love, missmichelleann

Friday, March 27, 2015

OMG I'm Pregnant!

A short story of how I went from plain old me to preggo me!
And, of course, my first trimester journey. What a journey I tell ya!

[Location: Las Vegas, NV]
I was 4 days late according to my period app. 
Ever since day 1 of being late, I was getting more and more excited.
It was the end of 2014 and the eve of New Year's 2015: 12/31/2014
I had my last alcoholic drink and celebrated NYE with my family.
It was a super small Fat Tuesday cause I'm a lightweight. LOL.
Everytime I went to pee, I hoped my period didn't start.
I didn't finish my drink; just in case.
[Location: Chula Vista, CA ]
When we got home from Vegas, I couldn't wait.
I bought a 3 pack of pregnancy tests.
But the results were super confusing.
So I had to go buy a different test to validate.
Digital results are definitely easier to read. Haha!
Confirmed. I'm pregnant 3+ weeks along.
Yaye! I was super excited and so happy!
Our first baby purchase. 
Transportation-wise, we are now baby ready!
My very first craving: Crispy m&ms!
[Miscarriage scare!]
At 7 weeks, I woke up in the morning with TERRIBLE cramps.
It lasted all morning until noon while I was at work facilitating a conference of 25 people.
I excused myself to use the restroom and found bleeding.
I immediately pulled out my phone and Google'd "cramping with bleeding when pregnant."
Then I started crying out of control and called my BFF. 
She told me to call my doctor and I immediately left work to get a blood test.
It was Friday, so I waited super impatiently all weekend to find out on Monday if I was still pregnant.
Thank God. There was a baby in there!
My very first ultrasound of our little baby Cruz:
My bump was strangely huge for a someone who was barely pregnant.
Only to find out, it was undigested food. Gross huh? Haha.
I experienced the worst constipation of my life.
I opted for PreNatal vitamin gummies without the Iron supplement to help.
To help myself go, I ate prunes. Yuck! 
I then had to result to medicine.
I took Colace daily for the remainder of the 1st trimester.
My other craving was Eggo waffles with butter and syrup.
I had to stop this immediately cause I was gaining weight too fast.
Also found some sugar in my urine during one my visits.
I had to take an early gestational diabetes test. I passed! Phew!
But I had to lay off these for awhile. Just in case!
My second Ultra Sound. Only a week after my first one.
Baby Cruz is growing fast!
Some days, I look really big. But I really think I'm just bloated. Hahaha.
Constipated too. But this is me at 11 weeks!

I was nauseated 24-7 all 3 months, so I was super excited for the 2nd trimester to begin. :D

Love, missmichelleann

6 Things That Remind Me of Growing Up on the East Side of San Jose, CA

Did you grow Up on the East Side of San Jose? I did! Here are 6 things I believe you must have experienced if you grew up here too! Comment below if you have other good ones! 

#1. You have had the Burnt Almond Cake from Peter's Bakery. Enough said.
Photo from

#2. At one point in your life, you tried break dancing. You were in a group, wished you were in a group or you watched your favorite groups perform.
Photo from

#3. 3-Style Attractions DJ'd one of your parties.

#4. You have eaten at TK Noodle House and you know that TK stands for Tung Kee and that you actually call it Tunks for short. You also know to ask for pork grinds cause your meal ain't nothin' without that pork crunch! Gotta have one in every bite!
Number 3 Baby!

#5. You and your homies went to a photography studio and took pictures together. It was either Perfect Studio, Sieu Studio, or 30 Minute Studio - or some other place that printed pictures fast or developed photos in Sepia tones. Thank goodness we have camera phones now; but these old pictures give memories that last a lifetime!

#6. You have been to one, or all of the late night restaurants after a night on the town.
McDonald's or Denny's on Berryessa Rd. Jack in the Box on Tully Rd. Lee Noodle House!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Draft Republic Restaurant - San Diego, CA

It's a commercial restaurant; but I feel like it's a hidden gem.
From the name, I thought it was a just a brewery with bar food.
But we came here on someone else's suggestion, and I must say, I was really content with my lunch.
Appetizers were packed with flavor and there were no leftovers.
Burgers are surprisingly juicy and delicious! Definitely a must try in San Diego, CA!

Our Appetizer: Sausage Platter!

Draft Republic Cheeseburger (I added bacon of course)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fancy Lunch in La Jolla, CA at A.R. Valentien in the Torrey Pines Golf Course

Just because you dine in a fancy place with a spectacular view doesn't mean you have to burn your pockets. For average entree prices between $15-$22 and appetizers ranging from $11-$18; you get quality for fair quantity at A.R. Valentien in La Jolla, CA. If you dine on the outdoor patio, you have access to an amazing view of the golf course and right behind it; the coastline. An awesome view while eating, and an even more awesome view while golfing. This place is great for a casual business lunch, or even a lunch date with your significant other. Either way, the food is delicious! 

Lunch Menu
Table set for 14 right on the outdoor patio deck.
Our view from the table.

Our appetizer plate of duck pate, liver pate, and beef pate. Came with slices of toast. So good!

Our Crab Louie appetizer - freshest ingredients you can taste in the quality of the food; everything blends together well here. It's a classy party in your mouth.
One of my co-workers got the duck entree. Medium-rare with a sweet potato mash. He loved it.
 Another one of my co-workers ordered the trout without knowing it would be smoked. But he still enjoyed the taste! I got to try some of it and it was tasty!
I ordered the chicken. The soup base it lay in was a little bitter (from the leafy green? maybe Kale?) but I liked it. Skin was crispy on top and that made the dish even more enjoyable!
After lunch we did a little walk around the greens to check out the views. Pretty neat golf course. I hear the US Open is held here and all the players stay at the hotel!