Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How Much Money Has Been Made with My Body By Vi Business?

My lifetime earnings since I joined in March of 2013 is $1151.32. There were a few stagnant months in there where I was not paid much, but that is an average of $165 a month. Who wouldn't want an extra $165 a month just for promoting the challenge and a healthier lifestyle? Plus, my initial investment in the business was earned back in my first 2 months.

And because of the 3 for FREE program, I got my kit for FREE a few times. That was a huge savings AND earning incentive in itself! My kit would have been $99/month (Shape Kit). To have 60 free meals for a month is awesome!

Stay tuned, for more of my Body By Vi journey.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Has My Body By Vi Business Grown Since I Started?

My Body By Vi business has definitely grown since I started back in March this year. But I didn't have those fast starts like other people I know have been able to accomplish. I admit, I could have worked harder at building the business, but I'm still working on the sales person personality. Even though I know my mentor is totally willing to do all the talking for me at a Challenge party or on a 3-way call, I'm still working through the rejection from friends and family. You know how that goes. And trust me when I say I know lots of skeptics! But I will find those ones who are willing, and someday we can look back at our 9-5 jobs as something of the past!

Since I started in March, I have 3 Body By Vi Promoter business partners. 1 of them has a whole business underneath them generating lots of volume, 1 has lots of customers but hasn't made any business partners, and 1 is only keeping active by purchasing from herself. I currently have 20 active customers on the challenge. So I'm doing pretty well I would have to say. Sometimes I get paid weekly, and most of the time I get paid monthly. It's not a business that can help me eliminate my current job, but I need to work a littler harder for that to happen. But I make great extra money for food, gas, and special wants vs. my special needs. Hahaha! In fact, I'm pretty close to earning the incentive BMW if i can just get people to understand how awesome this business is, and of course the products!

Come to my Challenge Party next week on Wednesday October 9th at 6:00pm at the Windmill Library Conference Room to learn more about Body By Vi!
Stay tuned, for more of my Body By Vi journey.
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Results on the Body By Vi Challenge

My first 90-Day Challenge was good - really good. I lost 9 pounds (147 pounds to 138, and went from size 12 slacks to size 8! I finally purchased a pair of jeans and gave my leggings a break! I was more happy about the inches than I was about the pounds. But hey, I must have been gaining lean muscle too! Ha!

My second one, not so good.  But I was able to maintain my weight with one shake a day. I just couldn't consume twice a day like I was supposed to on the plan I chose, but I was training for a 1/2 marathon and needed to carbo load on a daily to keep my miles on track! That wasn't an excuse though! I fluctuated back and forth between 138 and 141 pounds. Running sure made me hungry! And the muscle I built in my thighs had to add a pound. LOL.

Well, I just started my third challenge and I plan to make it even more successful than my first. I'm now fluctuating from 143 and 139 pounds now. My goal is to lose 8 pounds and move my weight back down to 135; even better 132 which is where I was...remember, when I first moved to Vegas? That would be amazing. I just ordered my wedding dress and its coming in January. So when you have goals like fitting into a wedding dress, your mind is more set and determined. So find a goal worth achieving and set your mind to it!

The Challenge isn't easy. In fact, no exercise program, and no diet program is easy. I actually think that if you put your mind to anything, anything will work. But of course there are benefits of the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge:

One of the things I love about it is the taste. I tried Slim Fast because it tastes better than all the other stuff, but has way too much sugar. Vi Shakes have less than 1g of sugar and an awesome sweet cream cake batter taste. So my go to shake every morning is 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and adding 2 teaspoons of instant coffee - and it tastes amazing; like a store bought shake from the coffee shop! My second shake works great with sugar that comes naturally from fruit. So my go to fruits are banana, mango, and strawberries. They taste great with the Vi Shake powder; yum! Customers have raved about even adding greens to make green smoothies and they swear it tastes just as good. If you hit up Pinterest, or Google Vi-Shape recipes, you will get a lot of ideas! It's fun experimenting! But if you want something easy, stick to coffee. It's a great pre-work out too; with the caffeine!

And you can save money:

I used to purchase a cup of coffee and a bagel or an apple fritter, or a cup of oatmeal DAILY from Starbucks. I have a Starbucks Gold card to prove it! Ha! But that was a good $7-$10 a day. Then I would buy lunch everyday for another $10-$15. Since I live alone, I hardly cook so most of the time I bought my dinner too, or ate 3 plates of rice and whatever my homies cooked at their house because when I have home cooked meals, I"m all over it like white on rice!

Now with the shakes, I'm no longer purchasing 2 meals a day, and I'm more mindful about what I eat for dinner. It's definitely saved me money to buy way cooler things than food that makes me fat! Like flights to go see my fiance in San Diego, and my family and homies in San Jose! :)

Stay tuned, for more of my Body By Vi journey.
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I Became a Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge Promoter

When I first moved to Las Vegas back in June 2010, I landed a fairly decent job with great benefits, great pay, and close to my new home. Little did I know that it was going to be the hardest job of my life. My director was mean, and made almost everyday at work miserable. For a long year and a half I worked my ass off; some days were 16 hours days and overtime was off the hook - and even worse, I was salary, so I did NOT get the extra financial benefit for working into the wee hours of the freakin' morning only to come home and sleep for an hour, and get right back up for work. And since work was miserable with my awful director, I was very emotional - in fact I cried most nights because of the way I was treated, or the politics I had to deal with! My friends had to hear my broken record speeches every week. I had no time to do anything besides sleep, eat, and work. The sleep wasn't enough, but the eating - was very easy to make time for. If I didn't eat, I didn't have energy, or if I didn't snack often, I was tired. Eating basically kept me sane! All the money I was making went to food. Every night after work, I called up a friend and wanted to go out for dinner just to make myself feel better after a long hard day at work. Comfort food was what it was.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I was 132 pounds and was already feeling over weight, but I was at a happy weight for my height. No muffin top, and fitted in size 6/7 jeans and small tops. By the time I finally got out of the first position I landed at the company, and worked my way up to a promotion as Manager, I was 157 pounds - 25 pounds heavier! It was un-freakin'-believable and the heaviest I have ever been! I had to purchase brand new clothes for my new management position in double digit sizes such as 12, 13, and 14. Shopping was no longer fun. In fact, it was quite depressing. I stopped wearing jeans for a year! Leggings were my new best friend! How sad is that! To make matters worse, the reason I moved to Vegas in the first place; didn't work out. I was fat, heartbroken, and in a city where all I adapted to was my job.

On a more positive note, I was ready to make my life better for myself in my new career, and in my health. I made new friends...
Started CrossFit:
, and joined an indoor soccer league:

In the course of 3 months, I lost 10 pounds. Sounds like a lot of activity for only losing 10 pounds right? Right! Because I ate the same! I'm a huge foodie and if you know me, I'm a real one. I LOVE FOOD!

This past March 2013, my co-worker invited me over to his house for a "Challenge Party." Basically it's a party to present Body By Vi, the 90-day challenge, and to sample the Vi-Shakes that act as meal replacements during the 90-day program. I watched the video presentation, met my co-worker's mentor and instantly wanted to try the product AND start the business. Why? Because I needed to amp up my food game. I needed to stop buying food for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! I had to save money because I was spending it all at all the awesome restaurants in Vegas! I also just started a new relationship with an awesome guy in San Diego who is also a huge foodie. So it's like visit him in San Diego - eat. He visits me in Vegas - eat. We love to eat and when we're together, we eat even more.
I figured the challenge would be a great solution for my eating habits, and a great business to start; because who's NOT looking for a way to lose weight? And I'm definitely not the only one who eats a lot! LOL. Also, my co-worker's mentor promised to help me with my business as long as I worked hard at it. Plus, he himself is a six-figure income earner rolling around Vegas in his drop top BMW fully paid for by his Body By Vi business, and a very fit entrepreneur! Seeing his results in  reality was proof enough for me.

I was inspired! I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, and seeing this business model, and the product itself, I was imagining myself in a life changing scenario.

Stay tuned, for more of my Body By Vi journey.
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